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TotalEnergies Kickstarts the Green Revolution with a 216MW Solar Plant in South Africa

TotalEnergies has announced plans for a 216-megawatt solar facility in South Africa, which will be operational by 2025. With the country grappling with significant power shortages caused by old coal-fired plants and working to transition away from fossil fuels, this project in the Northern Cape region reached financial close on December 14th, according to a corporate statement. Total Energies is a 35% shareholder in the consortium driving this effort, together with Hydra Storage Holding (35%), and Reatile Renewables (30%).  

Vincent Stoquart, the company’s senior vice president for renewables, highlighted the hybrid plant’s significance, combining solar energy and a 500 MWh battery system to deliver consistent green electricity beyond daylight hours, strengthening the national grid’s stability and advancing the country’s energy transition. This initiative is expected to power approximately 140,000 households, contributing to South Africa’s continuous attempts to fix its electricity issue, as seen by the opening of bidding rounds for 7,615 megawatts of renewable energy, natural gas, and battery storage options.

COP 28: Norway commits $50 million to revitalize Brazil’s Amazon Fund. 

Norway provided $50 million to Brazil’s Amazon Fund during efforts to save the Amazon rainforest, its first contribution since Jair Bolsonaro froze the fund in 2019. This donation, announced during the UN COP-28 climate summit in Dubai, represents a renewed commitment to combating deforestation, the largest source of Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions. The reactivation of the fund under President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, combined with increased environmental law enforcement, has resulted in a significant decrease in deforestation rates. According to Brazil’s Environment Ministry, deforestation decreased by 50% during Lula’s first 11 months in office, and Norway’s contribution recognizes this success.

Rise of ‘Climate Quitting’ in Career Choices

The notion of “climate quitting” is on the rise, with environmentally conscious millennials and Generation Z employees factoring in a company’s sustainability efforts when making a career decision. Businesses with strong green credentials have a competitive advantage when it comes to acquiring top talent. Since 2016, the number of green jobs in Ireland has more than doubled, indicating a major rise. According to a LinkedIn survey, 91% of professionals would consider leaving a job for chances that better line with their values, and nearly one-fifth of respondents are concerned about environmental sustainability. This shift in value driven employment choices is noteworthy, with individuals increasingly seeking congruence with personal values, particularly in the context of environmental consciousness.

Leading the Charge Against Climate Crisis: Eleni Myrivili’s Transformative Path

Eleni Myrivili’s journey from anthropologist to major climate campaigner began in 2007 with Greece’s terrible wildfires. She integrated climate resilience into city government when she transitioned from academia to political leadership in Athens. As the United Nations’ first chief heat officer, Myrivili is confronted with the deadly implications of rising temperatures. Her proactive measures, such as naming heatwaves and winning significant funding for climate programs, highlight her critical role in tackling the urgent urgency of global climate change. Her journey displays a strong commitment to combating the devastating repercussions of global warming.

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