One Goal, One Passion
Sustainable Transformation

We reimagine the world as it should be – healthy, equitable, safe. We work towards habitat conservation, healthier communities, cleaner air, and long-term climate stability.

We are a team of skilled enablers, scientists, and engineers, who worry about the world our children will inherit. At Evoscien, our passion is to develop technologies and solutions to transform lives in ways that will facilitate healing the planet so that future generations may have it easier.

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Improving Tomorrow.

The challenges currently facing our planet are complex and require a great conviction to resolve. As a company we place great emphasis on the beneficial use of technology, to maximize the impact of our social and entrepreneurial endeavours. Through scientific research & engineering, we devise sustainable solutions that meet the needs & challenges of an ever-evolving planet.

Reinventing Solutions
Our Focus

We study what is needed in our environment, community, and planet and deliver solutions that create long-lasting positive impact.

Mosquito Management

Air Quality Monitoring and Control

Remote Pest Monitoring Technologies

Our Presence

Explore our content hub for insights on our approach to mosquito management, air quality monitoring, remote pest monitoring, and air freshening technology.

Robots Tackle 1.6 million Tonnes of Unexploded Weapons in North and Baltic Seas

More than 1.6 million tons of unexploded weapons litter the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Remote-controlled seabed crawlers and robots with “smart grabbers” are now cleaning up these... (Read more)

Tracing the Evolution of Global CO2 Emissions

Melting glaciers, increasingly frequent heat waves, and irregular climate patterns show something is amiss with our planet. Temperature records worldwide have been broken every year since 2000, and... (Read more)

Environmental Sustainability Through Artificial Intelligence

AI Technology: A New Weapon Against Amazon Deforestation In the Columbian forest, a hidden camera trap captures an image of an agouti, a rodent-like creature, triggering the AI... (Read more)

IKEA’s Path to Sustainability: An Overview of Sustainability Reporting FY23

2023 has been a challenging year, from the highest recorded global temperature to the ongoing effects of climate change, inflation, geopolitical conflicts, and increased loss of natural resources.... (Read more)

The Green Pen Weekly June 14

Octopus Energy’s Innovative Grid Management Octopus Energy, a London-based electricity provider, incentivises customers to reduce energy usage during peak times, offering payment to avoid costly standby generators. Co-founder... (Read more)

The Green Pen Weekly June 6

Green technology encompasses a wide variety of environmentally friendly technologies from concept to execution, with overarching goals to combat climate change, protect ecosystems, minimise reliance on non-renewable resources... (Read more)

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