Preserving Paradise: The Urgent Call to Save Coorg’s Trees and Natural Harmony

Imagine strolling along a canopy of trees, their greenery casting a soothing vibe – a sanctuary for the troubled mind. And if this lush green haven extends along the riverbank, the serenity is unparalleled. The locals share a profound connection with their surroundings, an unspoken bond. Beyond being a refuge for humans, the trees serve as a bustling hub for several species of birds and animals, enriching the area’s biodiversity. 

Consider the proposal to replace the gorgeous trees of Coorg (or Kodagu, as the inhabitants affectionately refer to it) with a chilly, concrete construction. It’s a frightening fact that should send shivers down everyone’s spine. Even as we battle the hard realities of global warming, 2023 was the warmest year since the pre-industrial era. In this terrible period, our silent warriors, the trees, are on the verge of destruction. It’s no longer enough to remain passive bystanders; the time has come to rise and actively contribute to their well-being. 

Cauvery Neeravari Nigama, a water management authority, has marked 100 trees along the Kote Abbi, Hatteholey stream and Cauvery to replace them with a wall. The intended removal of these trees to construct a defensive wall appears to be a hasty choice motivated by short-term interests. The project is currently awaiting a green light from the forest department.  

However, we know that a tree is so much more than a tree; it is a functioning ecosystem. If these trees are removed, the exquisite dance of plants and fauna inextricably linked to their roots will be interrupted. The decline in forest cover will certainly result in biodiversity loss, and increased pollution. The estimated cost at roughly Rs. 130 crores (1.3 billion), only covers the removal of trees around Kote Abbi and Hatte holey streams. 

We all must heed the voices of activists emphasising the importance of riparian zones. These are the frontline warriors against soil erosion and landslides. The true heroes of the Western Ghats are the trees and vegetation, suitable for the damp and harsh environment. 

One of the growers who filed the PIL in the High court calls for scientific management of the water of Harangi reservoir. According to the residents, the evident havoc of  2018 heavy rainfall, which caused 8 deaths and displaced hundreds of people, was the result of mismanagement of water at the Harangi dam.  

Activists, residents, and environmentalists have appealed to the Chief Conservator of Forests to ponder this casual disregard for the trees in the region. If we lose Kodagu’s forest cover, what are the implications for the surrounding wildlife, the climate, and the economic prosperity of the region? 

If you are concerned about Kodagu’s natural beauty, your voice matters. Join the campaign by and together, let’s make a thundering call to conserve the precious legacy of Coorg’s trees. Make your voices heard!  


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