Evoscien India premises welcomes five honeybee colonies

This initiative to rear honeybees was taken up by Evoscien to promote domestic beekeeping and spread awareness about the significance of Honeybees in the ecology.

The Entomology team underwent a brief training on 29 Mar 2022 about honeybee colonies and a demonstration of honeybee colony handling within the hives.

The training was led by Dr. H R Bhargava, Associate professor at Garden City University in Bangalore. He is also an academician, entrepreneur, dynamic researcher, and a great resource person on beekeeping techniques.

Of the five bee colonies that were adopted, three colonies belong to the Apis mellifera (European honeybees) species and two of them are Apis cerana (Indian honeybees). Rearing different species allows for diversity and helps the bees sustain themselves in the new environment they have been introduced to. The aim of honeybee colony rearing at Evoscien is to promote environmentally friendly practices that protect the ecosystem and improve biodiversity.

Evoscien uses two kinds of hive boxes to house and maintain the bee colonies. They vary in size and structure. B-box suits are used for Apis mellifera colonies and C-box suits are used for Apis mellifera and Apis cerana colonies. The entomology team also has a comprehensive SOP in place that describes the exact procedures to be followed in the management of beekeeping.

Evoscien has also contributed two hive boxes with each Apis mellifera and Apis cerana colonies to the People Trust Educational Institution, to educate the students about beekeeping, the importance of biodiversity, and protecting our ecosystem.

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