Evoscien India Organizes Anti-Dengue Month Awareness Campaigns

The month of July is recognized as Anti-Dengue Month in India. Dengue is widespread in tropical and sub-tropical regions and has become widespread over the last two decades in India.

It is highly contagious and has no specific medication for a cure currently. Increasing awareness among citizens to protect themselves from mosquito bites and take control measures to prevent mosquito breeding are some ways the spread of Dengue can be checked.

The Evoscien team conducted workshops at four schools in and around Bangalore to educate students about Dengue transmission and the threat it poses. The sessions were conducted at Government High School – Jalige, PKB High School – Marasandra, Annaswamy Mudaliar School and Skylight School in Fraser Town. Similar to the Anti-Malaria workshops held in June 2022, we showcased informative posters to the school children while educating them about the causes, transmission, and symptoms of Dengue. There were live specimens of various mosquito species at different life stages that were showcased as well. The events, which were rounded up with interactive Q&A sessions with students and faculty members, were thoroughly appreciated by all.

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