Evoscien India employees partake in Anti-Malaria Month Awareness Campaign

Malaria morbidity and mortality are highly prevalent in parts of India. Every year more than a million people are affected, which amounts to roughly 4% of the global malaria burden. Anti-Malaria Month is observed every year in June throughout India. It is observed before the onset of monsoon and transmission season to increase awareness among citizens.

The Evoscien team conducted workshops at schools in and around Bangalore to spread awareness about Malaria transmission. The workshops were conducted at Sai Shankar Vidyashala, Sri Lakshmi Ranganatha Kannada School and the Government Higher Primary School located in Chandra Layout.

The workshop involved showcasing posters to the school children while educating them about the causes, transmission, and symptoms of Malaria. The children were also taught how they could take protective measures against mosquito bites personally and how to prevent potential mosquito breeding at a larger community level. There were live specimens of various mosquito species at different life stages. The enthusiasm with which we were received, and the curiosity of the school children seen through the meaningful questions they put across was reassuring. We hope to engage in more meaningful community-based activities.

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